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We acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land

Born with no voice, no song of her own,
She was destined to find every sound that was known.
Venturing far and wide to the driest of lands, 
Hearing tales from animals, the beach and the sands.
The kangaroo, emu, and kookaburra song,
She wandered the wetlands, down the old billabong. 
Then for all to admire, a beauty was heard,
She’d found her own voice, the song of a lyrebird.


Lyrebird distilling company is about new world concepts in ancient land.


We grew up hiking through the bush, surfing, seeing, and tasting the world around us. We hope our spirit allows you to reflect on our beautiful and unique native flora and landscape.

Like the calls of the impressionist lyrebird, we are looking to capture the aromas and flavours of our environment.

Lyrebird Australiana Dry Gin is a bush walk, the rain forest, wild dunes and the beach. 




A Dry Gin that that flourishes it's native bouquet.

Strawberry Gum - floral, bright
Lemon Myrtle - zest, citrus
Yellow Wattleflower - earth, chalk
Native Thyme - grass, pepper
Duo of Junipers - pine, resinous